Brandon Rothe NASM-CPT

Brandon Rothe NASM-CPT


Squat 380

Snatch 265

Power Clean 290

ACFT 587


NASM CPT B.S Kinesiology Emphasis of Exercise Sport Science

About Coach

I lifted weights as soon as I was in 8th grade and developed a love for that, I joined sports and realized how much of an impact lifting affected my ability to perform. However, I was really lost, and listening to Bro Science didn’t exactly help my fitness journey. I decided to get a degree in Kinesiology and started my journey as a coach! Some highlights are that I used to wrestle in college, and was a 3 season athlete in high school (football, wrestling, track)

Turning Point

Growing up as a biracial kid, wasn’t exactly easy. I had to deal with a lot of bullying/racism growing up and just felt afraid when I stepped out into the world in my adolescence. My dad decided once I was in middle school to get me lifting weights, and really helped to develop my confidence. I felt empowered and learned to handle life despite being afraid. As I grew up, so did my love for fitness. I view this turning point in my life as one of the key decisions that forever shaped me into who I am today. As I navigate this journey in life, I would also like to be part of other people’s journey with fitness.

Motivation & Passion

I genuinely love seeing people grow no matter what they’re doing. Whether being able to hit a new personal record on a lift or being able to play with your kids and not feel winded.