Transforming Youth Wrestling: The Ardent Journey Begins

Join Ardent Youth Wrestling Academy in Oshkosh for a unique off-season program designed for K-5th graders. Build skills, prevent summer slide, and foster a love for wrestling with expert coaches. Enroll now for April 2024!
Austin Phillips, Founder of Ardent Fitness and Education
February 25, 2024
Transforming Youth Wrestling: The Ardent Journey Begins

Austin Phillips, Founder of Ardent Fitness and Education


February 25, 2024


Every journey begins with a single step, and sometimes, ittakes a keen observer to notice where the path should start. Watching my son,Hen, transition from season to season with the Oshkosh Mat Rats Wrestling, Isaw not just a gap but an opportunity—an opportunity to enhance, engage, andelevate the youth wrestling experience from the ground up.

The Genesis of an Idea:

The "summer slide" isn't just an academic phenomenon; it's real in sports too, especially in wrestling. That observation, coupled with knowing the right people passionate about making a difference, led to the birth of the Ardent Youth Wrestling Academy. Our mission? To build a program that nurtures a love for wrestling and fitness through fun, engaging workouts, and skill-building sessions.

A Program Like No Other:

Rooted in the research of Dr. John Ratey M.D., the Brand X method, and the military-derived concept of "crawl, walk, run," our program is uniquely designed to cater to young wrestlers in grades K-5. From elevating heart rates with age-appropriate fitness to learning cooperation by setting up training mats, every session is a step toward mastering wrestling while having a blast.

Meet Your Coaches:

Empowering Young Wrestlers: Ardent Youth Wrestling Academy's Spring 2024 Sessions Begin April 11th. Discover the Journey from Basics to Mastery.

Coach Cody: A current UW-Oshkosh wrestler, seasoned youth coach, and holder of USA Wrestling Bronze and SafeSport (teal) Certifications. Cody brings expertise and a contagious love for wrestling to every session.

Coach Brandon: With a B.S. in Kinesiology and NASM certification, Brandon specializes in physical literacy, turning each workout into an adventure that enhances body movement and control.

2024: A Structured Journey:

Our 2024 schedule is designed to progress from "Basic Base" and "Basic Stand Up" in the initial sessions to "Proficient Ground Techniques" and "Proficient Stand Up and Strategy" later in the year. This phased approach ensures that by the next season, our wrestlers are not just ready; they're excited and better prepared than ever.

Join the Transformation:

With limited spots for 16 young athletes per session, priority for Session 2 sign up for athletes who participated in Session 1, ensuring a cohesive and progressive learning experience. A $50 non-refundable sign-up fee secures your spot in Session 1: Basic Base, with a session charge of $69.99 on the start week of the Session.

Why Ardent?

Wrestling can be intimidating, but at Ardent, we're changing the narrative. We're not just teaching wrestling; we're fostering life skills, building community advocates for the sport, and most importantly, we're making it fun. This program is the culmination of passion, opportunity, and the belief that with the right foundation, every child can excel on and off the mat.

A Personal Note:

As a parent and a lover of wrestling and fitness, I've seenthe pressure and the possibility. The Ardent Youth Wrestling Academy is morethan a program; it's a promise—a promise to offer our kids the best start intheir wrestling journey, grounded in technique, joy, and a community thatbelieves in their potential.

Ready to Join Us?

This isn't just another wrestling program; it's a movement.If you're ready to give your child the best off-season wrestling experience,follow this link to sign up. Let's hit the mat together and make the nextseason unforgettable.

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